The Colleges themselves form close communities, a particularly important element in student life at Cambridge. Corpus is one of the smallest Colleges and can offer a level of intimacy and friendliness that few other Colleges can. There are normally 6 undergrad medics per year.

Accommodation can vary from modern en suites to large, ancient sets (some lacking indoor bathrooms), but is generally spacious and comfortable. All first years live in College rooms or nearby, and a room ballot is operated in subsequent years. There are prize rooms for those who do well in their exams. An additional benefit for medics at Corpus is the close proximity (i.e. less than 5 minutes walking distance) of the lecture and practical venues, particularly for all the scheduled 9 o’clock sessions! We will also have a bar, JCR and 24hr library.

Lunch and dinner are offered in hall every day except Saturday, and food is of a good standard. Also formal hall, which is silver service and quite popular, is offered twice a week on Fridays and Sundays. Additional formal meals (usually of a larger scale) are also organised by societies, such as our own LSM Annual Dinner!

Corpus also offers a variety of societies, including most sports, RAG, the Fletcher Players, choir, drinking society and the JCR itself.

Welfare is also an important issue. In addition to the Director of Studies, all students are assigned a (non-medic) tutor, with whom they meet at least once a term to discuss any non-academic issues that may arise. The JCR also have a male and female welfare officer. Overall, corpuscles, especially medics, are proud of their College and are a very friendly, welcoming group.