Cambridge is a unique place to live, with odd traditions and an overwhelming student presence during term time. Cambridge can also vary between extremes, ranging from revision stress during exams term to garden parties and decadent May Balls on a daily basis during May week (in June!). Most students, however, are generally positive about their overall experiences here.

A common myth about studying at Cambridge is that your course requires you to work around the clock, leaving little time for anything else. This could not be further from the truth – in Cambridge, as with most universities (and unlike secondary school), the amount of work you choose to put into your subject is an entirely personal choice. Despite the challenging course, most medics find enough time to be involved in a number of non-academic activities and evening entertainment.

In addition to College-centred events, there are a number of university-wide clubs and societies covering a very large range of activities. These include music and drama, debating and journalism, and sports activities. Most university societies are quite serious about their activities (rowing comes into mind here!), so the chances are you will be able to pursue your extracurricular interests to a very high level.

There are numerous entertainment venues to relax after a day’s work, all conveniently within walking or cycling distance. These include pubs, nightclubs, inexpensive restaurants, plays, College ‘slacks’ (or ‘bops’) and the cinema. For shopping there is the market, Sainsbury’s and Lion Yard shopping centre in town, and the larger Grafton Centre a short walk away.